ICICI Banks All Branches List, history, achievements and more

ICICI Bank is one of India's biggest bank in private sector with total amalgamated assets of worth Rs. 11,242.81 billion income after tax of Rs. 67.77 billion for the year March 31, 2017. Currently, the bank has a set-up of 4,867 Branches and 14,357 ATM’s throughout India.

ICICI Bank History

ICICI Bank was established around 1994 by ICICI Limited. There is a list of services and banking products which ICICI bank offers to its customers from a variety of channels as well as with the help of its group of companies.

One of the most Ac-knowledgeable facts is that its members are notable for their contribution and has proven to be an asset to the company.

The bank has been awarded for its innovative banking services that have been acknowledged and rewarded by all over the world.

To begin with, ICICI Bank was promoted by ICICI Limited, which is an Indian financial institution. It was completely owned by it. It improvised with the help of shares in India, its own shareholding in ICICI Bank was just 46% an equity offer in the structure of ADRs. The secondary market sales by the bank to the institutional lender in fiscal 2001 and 2002 were even lower. With the efforts of the World Bank, the Indian government and illustrators of Indian industry ICICI was established in 1955. The main aim was to create such a financial institution through medium and long term project financing to Indian market businesses.

ICICI Bank spreads information on its operations on a general basis. This bank serves as a main investor recognition facility, allowing stakeholders to ingress information on ICICI Bank at their doorstep. ICICI Bank's committed investor relations human resources play an active role in circulating information to analysts as well as investors and it helps to respond to specific queries.

NOTE: There is a Restriction on transfer of physical shares in ICICI.

ICICI Bank Achievements

In 90s’ ICICI altered its business from a financial institution giving only finance assignment to a branched out financial services sectors, contributing an array of products or services, directly as well as with the help of several subsidiaries. ICICI became the first Indian company in 1999 and

NOTE: It was the first bank or you can say financial institution which was listed on the NYSE from Asia.

The year 2000 was a significant year for ICICI Bank when it became the first bank from Indian with its 5 million American depositary shares issue which generated a demanding book thirteen times the offer size.

ICICI Bank All Branches List

Here is the list of states which are having branches of ICICI bank. We have added all the latest and newly added branches of ICIC bank as well.

ICICI Bank Downtime

In 2008, ICICI witnessed the financial crisis, stakeholders panicked and customers came running to ICICI ATMs and branches because of the rumors of the worst financial situation of the Bank. The RBI has immediately issued an explanation on the financial situation of ICICI to clear the rumors spreading.

SIGNIFICANT ROLE: Building Indian financial infrastructure

ICICI bank has helped in the set-up of many Indian institutions to start financial infrastructure in India with the time.

  • (CRISIL i.e Credit Rating Information Services of India Limited) -UTI and ICICI set up CRISIL as India's one of the best and first professional agency (credit rating agency). CRISIL provides a wide range of integrated products and services for example credit ratings, capital market information, industry analysis, and detailed reports.
  • National Stock Exchange -In 1992, Government of India established and promoted NSE with the main objective of providing a trading facility for equities, debt instruments and hybrids all over the nation, by ensuring equal access to investors throughout the country by using an appropriate communication network.
  • National Commodities and Derivatives Exchange Limited - NCDEX, it is an online MULTI-COMMODITY exchange, it came into existence in 2003, by ICICI Bank Ltd. It includes NABARD, NSE, CANARA Bank, CRISIL, and Punjab national bank.
  • Institutional Investor Advisory Services India Limited (IIAS) – IIAS is a voting advisory firm especially committed to providing participants in the Indian market with data and research. It helps to provide recommendations on resolutions kept before shareholders of almost above 300 companies.ICICI Bank has been indirectly investing in IIAS through ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Company for a long period of time.

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